Glass Film

Skyline Design’s PVC-Free Glass Film technique offers a retrofit and eco-friendly approach to glass decoration. This method involves applying Skyline Design’s patterns to glass film that is free from Polyvinyl Chloride. The PVC-Free Film is notable for its environmentally conscious composition, omitting non-harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional films. This results in a safer and more sustainable product without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal.

Architectural Glass Film

The PVC-Free Film technique is ideal for various architectural and design applications. Its flexibility allows it to be used in diverse settings, from corporate offices to healthcare facilities, enhancing privacy while adding a decorative touch. This technique is highly adaptable, offering a range of patterns and colors to fit any design need.

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  • Performs like vinyl, without the harmful chemicals of PVC
  • For use on new and existing architectural glass, plexi and steel surfaces
  • Cover the entire panel or only the area with pattern
  • For interior applications

Glass Film Applications

Choose from existing designs or collaborate to create bespoke patterns, ensuring each project reflects their specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

Customizable Glass Designs

Select from an extensive array of exclusive patterns created by a multitude of artists, designers, and photographers, or design a custom glass pattern that embodies your vision for your upcoming project.

Projects Featuring Glass Film

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