Over 40 years of Chicago-made glass.

Who We Are

Skyline Design-

The people of Skyline are a small, accessible band of experts obsessed with the art, science, craft and discipline of glass fabrication. We create glass for the widest range of applications in the market, while constantly refining our quality control, cost and time efficiencies.

Privately owned and operated out of Chicago since 1983.

From the artists and designers who create our Collections to the designers we work with every day to help realize their project visions, Skyline has cultivated relationships of respect and mutual learning.

Design Leadership

What We Make

From patterned, printed, textured and painted to dynamic, switchable, and acoustic glass solutions, Skyline offers endless possibilities for enhancing your products and spaces.

Keeping everything under one roof allows us to perfect our processes, with a focus on customer experience and quality product.

Vipul Bhagat, President & CEO

Photo: Eco-etched glass design by Studio Gang

What Sets Us Apart?

Skyline Design-One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Vertically integrated to keep many processes under one roof, Skyline maintains tight quality control while keeping lead times short and prices competitive. Every piece of glass that leaves our Chicago facility undergoes a rigorous review and approval process.
Skyline Design-Make It Easy

Make It Easy

Born as a custom house, collaborating with clients to create something new is our first language. Customizable solutions allow you to tailor everything from glass thickness and shapes to patterns, graphics, and textures to suit your specific requirements.

Environmental Values

Skyline Design-Environmental Values

We prioritize environmentally friendly processes and materials to help protect the well-being of our employees, the end-user, and our shared planet. This commitment is reflected in our core building material, glass: which is chemically inert, has zero emissions, and is free from red-list materials.

Testing Data

The time has passed for anecdotal reassurance of environmental responsibility. Reference our Health Product Declaration (HPD) certification via Resources.

Local Sourcing

As a domestic manufacturer, Skyline Design believes in local sourcing: for its line of back-painted Vitracolor glass, the low-VOC, water-based paint is manufactured within five miles of our Humboldt Park factory.

No Acid, No Sand

Skyline’s proprietary Eco-etch® process does not use chemicals as an abrasive but instead recycled aluminum oxide, which is chemical-free, reusable, recyclable and results in a surface so resilient that it renders additional sealants unnecessary.

Recycling for Reduced Impact

Undecorated glass breakage or waste contributes as cullet for new float glass. By also incorporating recycled materials like aluminum oxide and cullet into our production processes, we embrace a circular mindset.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Custom-made wood crates are designed to fit each order precisely, and our packaging utilizes compostable packing peanuts, cardboard inserts, and recycled paper padding. Our breakage claims are less than 1/1000, we care about what we make and how it arrives.

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